Thursday, June 18, 2009

Playtime with Max

Bingley's sleeping at my feet, the girls are out on the town with Nana and Bapa, I've finished some chores--so now it's time to play! Today I'd like to introduce Max, one of my favorite little bears. He's 10 inches tall with big glass eyes, ultrasuede paw pads and inner ears, and a lovely, curly, slightly matted, sand-colored mohair. I also had fun adding a bit of shading on his paws, ears, and around his eyes. He is so sweet (if I'm allowed to say myself!). There's a wonderful, messy, playful innocence to him. When I see him, I just want to cuddle him. Please contact me if you are interested in knowing more about him. I also have more detailed photos.

Well, no one is home yet, so I'm going to go and play some more! Now I just have to make the "tough" decision whether I want to stuff one bear or work more on hand sewing another bear. Oh, decisions, decisions. If only all days could be so carefree!

I hope you may create some time out to enjoy yourself as well.

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  1. What a lovely blog and what sweet bears!!!


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