Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fun, Fun, Fun!

So many fun things have been happening here. The most recent was the visit of my brother, his lovely wife, and their 2 wonderful daughters. It was truly a delight and a joy to have them here. They left this morning on their way to new adventures at Cedar Point in Ohio. I do hope they will have some time to recover before going back to their daily routines--I think they run the risk of being all "funned" out! It didn't seem like we were that busy while they were here, but between the swimming, playing, and crafting, I know our 2 girls are running a bit low on steam today!

I also have been busy with my bears. I've been playing with a new coloring technique I learned from "The Teddy Tutor" by Ellen Borggreve. Wonderful! I can't thank Ellen enough for taking the time to share some of her secrets. I'm also almost done with the bear that I'm making on commission--just need to attach some ears. And, lastly, I'm really excited about a little bear I'm stitching up with a new pattern that I've designed. So many ideas, so little time and energy! I'll try to get some photos up soon.


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