Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just Dreaming

Okay, so is it just goofy me or do others have silly dreams, too?

Yesterday the girls asked me how I slept. "Fine," I replied absentmindedly, "but I had a silly dream." I went on preparing my morning oatmeal, assuming that that was the end of the discussion. But, no, silly me, I had piqued their curiosity.

"I dreamt that I was awake. I didn't even know that I had been sleeping until I woke up and was confused because the events in my memory, my dream, didn't line up with what was happening. It took me a few moments to figure it out." They just smiled and lightly snickered at their goofy mom, but at least they were back on track gathering bagels and cereal for their respective meals. I thought all was forgotten as I continued with my morning routine. Having just sat down at the office desk, I was ready to putter for a bit on the computer while the oatmeal cooked.

Then a head popped into my peripheral vision. "What were you doing while you were awake in your dream?" Now normally they don't ask because I rarely remember many details of my dreams, but this time I did remember and knew that it was going to get a response. I paused to consider--do I fib or just brush her off? Not going to work. I just feel too uncomfortable to lie to the girls when I expect them to tell the truth. Oh, well, at least they'll get a kick out of it. Prepared for the upcoming peels of laughter, I smirked, "I was trying to fall asleep." Laughter from the three of us filled the room.

May you sleep well tonight, and as our youngest said to me before bed last night, "I hope you dream about dreaming tonight!"

Sweet dreams,


  1. Hi, this is my first visit to your blog and I just love your bears. They are absolutely beautiful.

    Pat xx

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment, Pat!


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