Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Sunny Day!

'Twas a sunny day today! One of those not-too-hot, not-too-cool, just-right kind of days you get after days of rain and storms. So we went to "play" at Sycamore Hill Gardens in Marcellus, NY. It's a 30-acre, privately-owned garden that is opened only 3 days a year as a fundraiser for local charities. It's just stunning! Unbelievable! It was our first time there and we all decided to make sure we visit whenever they are open. I wish I could have stayed there all day!

This afternoon, Matt and I also spent some time cleaning up Great-aunt Elaine's 401a Singer machine. We have a portable Janome too. It's such a nice little machine that our eldest loves to use--I'd hate to mess it up with that fuzzy ol' mohair when I make my teddy bears. The Singer looks like it may be built like a tank--all mechanical parts and metal. I'm going to call the local Mom-and-Pops sewing machine repair place to see what they think. Last time I spoke with him (which was yesterday!), he seemed a bit concerned about using the little Janome too much for the bears--"It's not really an everyday machine. It's more of an occasional use, take-it-to-class type of machine." I guess I don't really have anything to lose by trying out the ol' Singer so I think I'm going to give it a shot! I so much prefer to hand-stitch my little bears, but if I keep that up, my hands are going to give up the ghost.

And to top it off, Matt's making burgers on the grill and the girls picked mulberries from our tree and made a pie for desert! YUM! What a lovely summer day.


P.S. I also finished a new bear today--an 8 1/2 inch vintage style bear. I'll try to post him soon.

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