Saturday, October 24, 2009

Am I Lucky or What?!

We got our mail which had been held while we were on vacation and, guess what, I received one of the best packages I've ever had in my life. As the brown paper wrapping was carefully cut away, and the beaufiful photo file box was gingerly pryed open, there before me stood a wonderfully wrapped little bundle and a box of lovely chocolates. It felt like Christmas!

It was Peabody, my little Sweet Pea, by Tammy of Beckoning Bears! Tammy made Peabody especially for me at a reduced price in exchange for Lily (you can see her on the sidebar). He's a cuddly 8-inch bundle of cuteness created from the most lusciously soft recycled mink. I couldn't be happier with him! Tammy is an amazing and wonderful artist!

As you can see, Matt took some pictures right away so that I could show you how adorable he is. How lucky am I?!!! I get to enjoy the sweetest of sweet bears in Peabody and my little Lily got adopted by a most wonderful mom!

I think I'll float around on my little "happy cloud" for a while longer--everything just feels so good and right with the world for the moment--no need to hurry back to reality yet.


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