Sunday, October 25, 2009

Houseboat Adventures

We all agreed that it was quite an experience living on a houseboat for almost a week. But I must admit, I'm not sure what my verdict is. It was definitely a treat--no doubt about that. We didn't have to eat out for every meal, could lounge around in our jammies for breakfast or any time we wanted, and there was always a place to chill out. It was also very convenient and quiet for being so close to everything in Boston.
We had a little bit of a kitchen and could cook just about anything we wanted as long as it could be made on a cooktop or in a microwave--no oven. There was a comfy couch that could pull out into a bed, a comfy chair with ottoman, and a fairly large flat screen TV (including cable and a DVD player)--you can kind of see it on the left of the picture below although it blends in with the hanging privacy curtain for persons who might sleep on the sofabed.
Matt's and my bedroom was in the back and the girls enjoyed sleeping on two twin beds in the loft. They brought up extra blankets and purposely made it into a kind of nest. They really enjoyed their nest--drawing, reading, doing origami, and watching TV on their bellies. But I'm not sure they had such fun cleaning it up at the end of our stay!

There were wonderful walks around the marina since most of the part of Charlestown that we were in had been part of an old Navy yard. So many beautiful old buildings and factories had been converted into chic condos and apartments. I must admit to not being much of a city person any more, but I could definitely see the advantages of those unique dwellings. There were so many lovely walkways, small parks, and places to sit by the water. It was quite nice being so nearly in the center of things and yet feeling so quietly sectioned off and surrounded by the water.

I do so love being by any body of water--it refreshes my spirit. So I certainly got my fill of refreshment. But would I want to do it again? I'm just not sure. I'm very glad we stayed on a houseboat this time. However, we all are still having episodes of feeling a bit wobbly and wondering when the next wave might come so that we can adjust our balance. Maybe if the houseboat was on a calmer inland lake? It was great learning so much about tides and we certainly didn't need any amusement rides because we had frequent excitement by just staying in the boat all day. One definitely didn't want to be standing when the tides rolled in or out!

Maybe my thoughts can be summed up by my eldest daughter's comment when asked if she would want to stay on a houseboat, "I don't know... (pause) It was fun!" Perhaps I will better know my own mind when my "sea legs" go away.



  1. Sounds like fun Cheryl. I've always wanted to have a holiday on a houseboat.

  2. My heavens Cheryl you wrote heaps while I was away ... like reading a blooming book! Too much to comment on individually.
    Glad you had a fun holiday with your family, it's always good to have some R&R.

  3. Sounds like quite a fun and unique experience. The boat looks quite homey inside too. Now you can say you have tried it at least, even if you choose not to ride the waves again :)

  4. Having our vacation on a houseboat was a fun andventure. But as the days roll on (literally--I'm still "rolling" and having to take sea-sickness pills just to function!), I can look back and say we had a really fun time! But, for our family at least, it may be one of those things that you have to try at least once in your life, but after that you don't need to do it again. :-)


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