Monday, October 12, 2009

Needle Felting and Noses

I just couldn't wait to show you Lainie--a lovely 16 inch bear I made using a golden shade of kid mohair. These aren't the best photos--it's wet and cloudy here. But they give you an idea of what little Lainie looks like. I'll post her "formal" pictures later.

I'm so pleased with her! I've been reading so many past and current posts on Teddy Talk about embroidering noses. It's amazing how many techniques are used--pins, markers, paper templates, felt templates, tape, etc. I became quite overwhelmed and basically just decided to toss everything to the wind and embroidered her nose freehand like Paula Carter of All Bear. I figured I had nothing to lose because I could always take it out and redo it. I've been wanting to try this new shape that has little indents for nostrils and I just couldn't quite figure out how I wanted to try to draw it on the bear. But I was very surprised that it was rather easy just to "listen to the bear" and embroider without any aids. I'm sure her nose is not perfect, but I am still quite pleased with the result (especially now that it is waxed).

As I wrote last time, I've also been wanting to make needle felted eyelids. And I think they turned out quite well also! I believe one eyelid droops a bit more than the other, but I've decided it just adds to her personality!



  1. So is this finally the one that you get to keep for you?!

  2. What a lovely job, the eyelids are fabulous. I love your limb style too.

  3. Love, love her. Her face is adorable with the lids. I just love the whole shape of her

  4. She turned out so adorable. Those eyelids add so much depth and character. Great job on the nose too !

  5. This Teddy is so cute ! Wonderful ! What a great pleasure to discover your work and your blog ! Congralutations !


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