Saturday, December 12, 2009

Another Christmas Blog Party AND a Giveaway!

I’m so glad that Kelly at A Stuffed Life decided to host this “H’artfelt Christmas Blog Party.” It gave me a chance to think about one of my favorite indulgences during this time of the year and to share it with you as my blog giveaway. I love to curl up under a quilt with a cup of hot cocoa and read my favorite children’s Christmas stories. “The Tailor of Gloucester” by Beatrix Potter always has a place in that stack. If you would like to be entered into my Christmas Indulgence Giveaway, please leave a comment (and don't forget to leave contact information if it's not on your profile!). The randomly chosen winner will receive a copy of “The Tailor of Gloucester,” a 16-ounce container of some of the best cocoa mix around, Ghirardelli’s Double Chocolate, and a great big mug (you can never have TOO much hot cocoa!). You might even want to consider becoming a follower of my blog—you never know what I might come up with next! Followers of my blog who leave a comment will be entered 3 times and posting about my giveaway on your blog and linking it back here will give you an extra entry. The drawing will take place next Thursday, December 17th. Good luck!
Now that the business is done, let’s get back to my musings about one of my favorite Christmas stories. I must admit that I am unabashedly smitten with all of Beatrix Potter’s stories and drawings. But the little mice sewing tiny, tiny, tiny little stitches to finish the Governor’s coat for the poor, sick tailor in time for the Governor’s Christmas wedding holds a special place in my heart. I’m not sure why I love those little mice so. Perhaps it is their unconditional giving. They work joyfully to help someone who has never asked for help or for anything in return for his favors. The tailor does rescue the little mice from under the teacups in which Simpkin, the tailor’s naughty cat, had trapped them. Maybe they have noticed that the good far-sighted tailor lives so poorly without griping or complaining? Or perhaps the mice appreciate the scraps of silk and satin that the tailor leaves for them. I’m not sure why they choose to joyfully help the tailor. But the mystery of the exquisitely finished Christmas wedding coat where only cut pieces of cloth previously stood continues from that day forth. The tailor chose to help the little mice out of their teacup predicament even though he knew that Simpkin would be cross. And, yes, that naughty cat spitefully hides the last bit of silk twist that the tailor needs to finish the Governor's coat. The poor, sick tailor goes to bed knowing that he won't be able to finish his work. What is he going to do? But those sweet little mice work by candlelight during the nights cheerfully sewing and singing. Ever after, the tailor designs beautiful articles of clothing, cuts out the pieces, and, tired from a day’s work, lays the pieces on his work table only to find them worked into intricate garments. The tailor’s “work” becomes sought after and he no longer has any monetary troubles. Oh, those sweet little mice! Even Simpkin, the tailor’s naughty cat, feels ashamed of his behavior in comparison to those giving little mice and returns the necessary bit of twist when the tailor is well and thinks all is lost because it's Christmas day and he did not finish the Governor's coat.
But the tailor goes to his shop and is surprised to find the coat finished and worked with the most beautiful and intricate embroidery. I’m not sure the tailor ever knows to whom he owes his gratitude for these wonderful mysteries. But he is none-the-less grateful. Perhaps that is why I love this story so. There are ever so many mysteries for us to be grateful for. And there are ever so many ways we may be like the little mice.
We may feel that we are “too small” to do anything of importance. But, indeed, just like the tailor’s mice, it has always been the little things that are done “stitch by stitch” that ever really make a difference for us, others, and the world. May we all be grateful for the little stitches that make up the fabric of our lives.
Be sure to go to the “H’artfelt Christmas Blog Party” site so that you can visit all of the other partiers. It’s always fun to read them all! And remember to leave a comment in order to be entered into my Christmas Indulgence Giveaway.
“No more twist.”

Happy Christmas!
Heaps of Hugs,

P.S. I’d like to thank my bear, Alfie, for his part as the tailor and my little needle felted mice, Pip and Squeak, in the roll of, well, the mice. I’d also like to thank my daughters for lending me their American Girl cat who played Simpkin.


  1. oh cheryl that was absolutely delightful,i'm going to put a post on my blog about your givaway
    alfie really is a little star
    hugs sandra

  2. Absolutely adorable!!
    Great post!!

  3. I love it too Cheryl great post


  4. What beautiful pictures and story. Thank you Cheryl

  5. Chery, this is one of my favourite stories too! I am a big fan of Beatrix Potter as you might know.
    Did you make the mice? I looooooove them!!!!
    I am also very impressed by Alfie's acting !


  6. sorry, I missed the L in your name...oops!
    Sorry CheryL...

  7. Your stories are as wonderful as your creations...Beautiful!

  8. What an darling post. Chocolate and cute stuffed bears and delightful stories the cure for all hard days.

  9. Oh I forgot to mention that I am a follower of your cute site now.

  10. What a great story! I loved this, and the moral behind it.

    Thank you so much for being part of our first party!

    Hugs, Kelly

  11. Cheryl, Hate to admit this in public - I've never read Beatrix Potter
    There, I've said it.
    Your story certain brings to life anything Beatrix may have written.
    Thanks for taking your time to tell this story at Kelly's Blog Party

  12. What a lovely post Cheryl. I will put a post and link about your giveaway on my blog. I also love Beatrix Potter.

  13. Wonderful post and pictures! Thank you for the magic, Cheryl.

    Hugs, Lynda and the Bears

  14. Sorry I haven't been around to read this lovely post until now Cheryl...I wish those little mice would drop by my place sometime and help me with all my sewing! LOL!!
    Warmest hugs,
    Sandi @ Bearly Sane

  15. I LOVE this is one of my favorites as fact..i have the video posted on my website :)..I watch it all the time!

    I would LOVE to be entered in your wonderful drawing!

    Your mice...bears..and creations are absolutely wonderuful!


  16. Alfie has the most wonderful eyes,i am glad to see he has found a new home through bearpile,i was keeping my eye on him!!
    I adore beatrix potter stories,my mum used to read them to me over & over when i was little.Just this week my mum & dad have been in their loft & found my well loved bp books & bought them to me,so i think i will be taking a trip down memory lane! x

  17. What an adorable post!!!!! I LOVE IT!

    Oh, and enter me in your giveaway, pleaaaaase :)

    Also... I hate to ruin the surprise a bit... but I got you in the TT ornament swap.

    You *should* be getting the ornament by friday this week... but I forgot to include the card I'd written out :(

    I think I can refrain from posting a picture of it till then... but, it has 'parts'... it is an ornament with wearable parts... and from reading your blog, I had it in my mind that you have 2 daughters... but if I undercounted, please let me know and I will send you one more wearable part!!! (there is something for you and each of your daughters on the ornament :) )


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