Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Silly Question

Okay, my mind is a little bit mushy, but I've noticed something.  Okay, my mind is always a little mushy, so I guess that's no excuse.  And, besides, my husband, who does not have a mushy mind, noticed the same thing.  We, like so many around the world, are enjoying watching the Olympics.  Yesterday we watched in amazement as all of these women tore down a mountain on their skis and as all of these men did tricks on their snowboards.  So here's the question.  Why do the commentators (both male and female) call a 29-year-old female a "girl," a 25-year-old female a "youngster," and a 19-year-old male a "man?"  Hmmmmm.

Still wondering,

2-19-10 Update:  Yippee skippy!  We watched again last night and everyone was a "man" or a "woman."  I'm glad that the other night might just have been a fluke.

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  1. It could have to do with the sports... since most of the people in snowboarding are all very young... whereas in skiing you will have some older competitors... I suppose the test will be to watch the women's snowboarding tonight and see what exactly they call them XD


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