Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oh My! A Disclaimer may be in Order!

Now if Pooh and Piglet looked that closely at my floors, shelves, or tabletops, I would be completely found out.  So, instead I will confess (with head hanging down).  My house is not clean.  It's all an illusion.
Our house is generally fairly tidy.  We get little piles here and there occasionally.  The art table often has several projects in various stages of done-ness lying about.  And we won't even GO into our daughters' rooms--I think one should have a permit to see that.  But in general, if someone came into our house and left quickly, it would give the impression of cleanness.  Note the key word--impression.

HOWEVER, our house is not the cleanest.  We have enough dust bunnies that I think it is time we named them because they are becoming a part of the family.  And a creative toddler (or I) could have a field day making pictures on the dusty shelves.  And if we had unexpected visitors, I would likely skid across the floor in order to shield their view from our bathrooms.

Now with my confession over, I plan to decorate the shelves with a few "dust pictures."

Heaps of Hugs,


  1. Lol, fab idea, I think I may join you in the dust pictures. My mum gave me a magnet in my stocking one Christmas 'You can touch the dust, but please don't write in it!', but I don't think she has much room to talk :oD

  2. well cheryl,that makes two of us,heres my favourite poem

    "Mother, oh Mother, come shake out your cloth, Empty the dustpan, poison the moth,
    Hang out the washing and butter the bread,
    Sew on a button and make up a bed.
    Where is the mother whose house is so shocking?
    She's up in the nursery, blissfully rocking.
    Oh, I've grown shiftless as Little Boy Blue
    (Lullaby, rockaby, lullaby loo).
    Dishes are waiting and bills are past due
    (Pat-a-cake, darling, and peek, peekaboo).
    The shopping's not done and there's nothing for stew
    And out in the yard there's a hullabaloo
    But I'm playing Kanga and this is my Roo.
    Look! Aren't her eyes the most wonderful hue?
    (Lullaby, rockaby, lullaby loo).
    The cleaning and scrubbing will wait till tomorrow,
    For children grow up, as I've learned to my sorrow.
    So quiet down, cobwebs. Dust go to sleep.
    I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep."

    sandra xx

  3. Oh, I'm so glad that I will have company in making dust pictures! I've always thought that living and spending time with loved ones is more important that cleaning. I'm so glad you shared that poem, Sandra--it's just so right and so beautiful. I also like Erma Bombeck's saying: "Cleaning the house while the children are growing is like shoveling snow when it's still snowing."

    Heaps of Hugs,

  4. Besides... dust adds character.

    Houses that are totally immaculate and clean often feel sterile too. Not always, but often... and then people are afraid to touch anything or sit down or use that waaaaaay too clean restroom. :)

  5. Ohhhh, I LIKE that, Heather! I'm going to use that--"my house isn't dirty, it just has character!" That's great! Maybe I should make a magnet of that saying and put it on the fridge....hmmmmm.
    Heaps of Hugs,

  6. My son once said 'dust is like the clouds Mum - always there' (he was going through a Mr Myoggi phase at the time!).

  7. Cheryl I am guilty too I put lots of things before cleaning my house , bears , dolls my dogs and my daughter (not in that order of course lol)Life is to short I had an aunty who passed away a while back but her house was always immaculate and she was such a fanatic that when you got up to leave she had the dust buster out vacuming the couch you had been sitting on while you were still there! I never ever felt comfortable at her house beside dust bunnies don't eat much and I'm an animal lover lol.

  8. I know that guilt!!!
    Before I decided to get down to making bears properly I filled my "Mum at home" time with housework .... 16 years of it in fact!Of course I wish my sons would take more responsibility nowadays , but in the end - our house is a HOME ; and no amount of dust or clutter will squeeze the LOVE out of it!!!

    Gosh that was quite profound! LOL!

    Dusty li'l Hugs,
    Ruth x


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