Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Studio Tour--Otherwise Known as My Home

I'm so fond of seeing other people's studios and how they live.  I find it so inspiring.  Joanne of Desertmountainbear recently shared her lovely home and studio.  She reminded me that we don't just create in our studios, but in many places in our homes and lives.  So, with camera in hand, I snapped some photos of the places that I work and create.  Here we go, let's begin the tour!

We live in a small house, so I have supplies everywhere--stuffing materials in the pantry, felting stuff in a pretty tote bag, baskets with odds and ends, etc.  However, we do have a dedicated "art room" that the family shares, but the room is primarily mine and my husbands (he's a photographer).
My husband works on the right side of the big table--the computer, printer (below the desk), and his odds and ends are basically his photography "darkroom."
The green cabinet is where most of my bear supplies are. The 4 cloth boxes and the large bottom draw store my mohair. In some ways it is good that I don't have that much storage room--my self-imposed rule is that if I don't have room for the mohair, I can't buy it!
I use my featherweight at the end of the room to sew everything.  I like how well it works perched on my grandmother's old Singer treadle cabinet/machine. Oh, and the black box on the side table stores my big jointing disks.  By the way, our bird feeder is just outside the big window on the left.  How I love sitting here and watching the birds!
Here's our little office area where I do all of my computer work.  In fact, in the first photo, you can see our eldest daughter working on the computer from our art room.  I think I had a tag-a-long in this photo--notice our little black lump on the carpet (otherwise known as Bingley). 
This couch is where I often embroider noses, attach joints, and stuff critters in the evening.  The top shelf of the bookcase has become a safe haven for finished critters or critters awaiting clothing or important things like bodies and ears.  If you look closely, you'll see a bear head sitting in a pot on the second shelf.
And lastly we see the rest of the living room and the "big red chair" and ottoman where I like to read my bear books and occasionally use the laptop.

Goodness!  You've seen almost our entire first floor except for our kitchen and dining room.  Although, you have caught a glimpse or two of our dining room.  Thinking about it, I suppose I should have included a photo of our dining room table since I often create patterns on it while the kids are working on school.  Oh well.  Perhaps another time.

No place is safe from bear-working.  It's just all part of life!

Heaps of Hugs,


  1. Perhaps someday when the house is no longer a building site and looking like a bomb's hit it, I'll let you have a peek at my work spaces too :)I think we all take over, Chris is always lamenting the lack of space on the coffee table, he's forever having to shove my stuff aside to make room for his cup! He really is quite tollerant.

  2. Thanks for sharing photos of your work spaces's nice to know there are plenty of other bear artists out there that take over the entire home (in your case you still have a little ways to go. LOL!)
    Warmest hugs,
    Sandi @ Bearly Sane

  3. Your home looks so cozy and inviting, just the right place to create beautiful bears.


  4. Thank you so much! I do enjoy our little home--it's very cozy and cottage-like. Linda, I look forward to seeing where you create your wonderful bears. And Sandi, I'll try harder to take over more of the house! ;-)
    Heaps of Hugs,

  5. Beautiful, calm, peaceful. Loved the pictures, thanks for them.

  6. Cheryl, your home looks like a haven of peace and good taste. Mine is an untidy tip and i'm not showing anybody! :o)

  7. Hi Cheryl,

    Your home/studio areas are so neat and clean! I have heaps of stuff piling up at the moment. Time to take a break and straighten up. I enjoyed your tour - love peeking in other's workspaces. It's better than seeing something in a decorator magazine. Thanks for sharing.


  8. You guys are so sweet! I think though that I'm going to have to publish a disclaimer that our house might be tidy, but it isn't necessarily CLEAN! ;-)


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