Friday, June 4, 2010

Favorites on Fridays

Goodness, it's a beautiful morning here!  Right now I'm listening to the birds singing right outside the window.  How glorious!  I love having the windows open when the weather cooperates.

Okay, back on track now--Favorites on Fridays.  I realized this morning that Father's Day here in the fast approaching--just a bit over two weeks.  I don't know if other countries celebrate Father's Day, so I would love to hear from those of you outside the states.  Well, anyways, I don't know about you, but I have a devil of a time finding a little something to give to my Dad and to Matt to show them how much I appreciate and love them.

It's not going to be much of a surprise to Matt this year since he excitedly showed me last weekend what he "found" on the internet.   Some of you might remember that we have a small 1963 Airstream trailer that we like to take camping.  Well, check out this t-shirt!  Perfect!
Well, not much of a surprise, but it's awfully neat and I know Matt will just love it. 

As for my Dad, generally I buy him books or gift certificates to a local bookstore.  I know he enjoys the books I find, but I just wanted to try to find something different for him.  So, since I was already poking around on the Life is Good website for Matt's t-shirt, I decided to see if there was anything my Dad might like. And voila`...I found a simple polo shirt that was just his style. 

I didn't get around to placing my order until this morning, and, apparently, a lot of other people had already placed their Father's Day orders.  So I couldn't get my Dad my first choice of colors, but luckily I found a light blue polo that would be just as nice.  As for Matt, all I can say is that he was just lucky they still had his size!

So, if any of you have guys in your life that are a bit difficult to buy for, maybe this is just what you were looking for.  The shirts are a bit pricey in my book, but I do love the message.  Life is Good.  Well said!

Heaps of Hugs,


  1. Father's Day is on the 20st this month.
    The day our daughter was born 28 years we double the fun that day.
    I still dont have a gift for my father....and I really dont know what to give him.
    He is 82 years... he like to do cross word puzzle's, so I think it is gonna be something like that.(he is happy with easy)

    Have a very nice weekend.

    kindest regards Carla (from Holland)

  2. Hi from the UK, fathers day for us is on 20th thanks for the reminder!

  3. Yep, we do father's day here, it's always the weekend nearest my mum's birthday (the 19th) and this year we will all be in sunny Provence, celebrating at a beautiful restaurant halfway up Mont Ventoux. My dad will be getting a bear, I really need to pull my finger out and make him something else for Christmas (although he does love bears!)

    Have a great weekend :o)

  4. In Oz, father's day is in September, I can't remember what the date is, I think it might be the first Sunday of the month. I don't have my dad any more, so it's fairly low key with neither of our kids at home anymore. I'll be in England on the day, this year and Chris will still be home so even lower-key !!!!!

  5. The T-short is lovely!!! Es un regalo original que seguro que le gusta,
    Besicos, Vivian

  6. Love the shirt Cheryl! In the UK Fathers Day is on the 20th June, also my husbands birthday.


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