Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Will Noses be the End of Me?

Well, I suppose most of my news is pretty good.  The cortisone shot seems to be helping my thumb.  In the last several days, I've been able to pin and sew up two bear bodies that have been patiently waiting on my work table.  And today I even stuffed both of their heads!

Whenever I work, I am careful to wear my hand brace and to work slowly and for short periods of time.  The pain seems fairly under control, and, as long as I stretch my hands, fingers, and thumbs several times daily, my thumbs don't seem to get stuck in a bent position and snap painfully back into place.  So, in general, good news all around. 

Right now I'm just feeling frustrated because I was just working on embroidering the nose.  I finished the first layer, but then I had to stop.  The tip of my right thumb went completely NUMB!  (The left thumb tip is only mildly numb.)  Goodness, gracious.  When does this end?  So what did I do about it?  Like any self-respecting bear-maker, I got into the chocolate chip cookie dough my eldest daughter had just made!

I've been wondering if the bear noses were getting too rough on my hands and were part of the reason I've been having such trouble with my thumbs.  I'm afraid I now might have my answer.  Oh, it can't be!  What am I going to do?  I've had to stop so many things I love because of my stupid hands and this horrible disease called fibromyalgia.  I can't even bear to think about this now (no pun intended).  I'd better say good-bye for now--I'm getting too teary.  I have to go and find some way to stay positive.


  1. I truly feel for you, Cheryl. Wanting to do what we so much want to do, but so much can't do. Always wearing the brace is a very good idea, and perhaps taking the nose embroidering in stages. It's hard to sometimes stay positive. I agree, chocolate chip cookie dough can certainly help!♥

  2. I thought you were going to say "I have to go find some more cookie dough"! :D I hope this all gets sorted for you Cheryl, I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't work on my bears..........probably spend way too much time on the ol' poota ;)

  3. Have you considered a different type of nose?
    maybe glass? or make a one of kind of polymer clay? leather? needle felting? sometimes looking at things from a new perspective opens up new possibilities! Necessity being the mother of invention and all! :) hugs deb

  4. Hi Cheryl,

    I agree with Deb, maybe a different kind of nose. Noses can be difficult - I am not good at them so I am going to change to clay noses.

    Take good care of your hands. REST, even though it is difficult.

    Joyce, Prudence & Sister

  5. Oh Hell Cheryl!! I hope you get clear of it some way!!
    Big Hugs lindaxxx

  6. Oh no, big hugs! I lose feeling in the tips of my fingers with too much hand sewing, I just never thought that wasn't normal - doh!


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