Monday, July 26, 2010

Working on a Doll

You knew that I couldn't give up all creativity, right?  Well, I thought I'd show you what I have been up to the last month during my spare moments.
When my Mom came out in June, she showed the girls and me how to make dolls' heads out of paperclay.  She's always doing some sort of a craft with the girls and this time I decided to join in since it was something I could do that didn't hurt my hands.  You can see some of my Mom's paintings HERE.

The colors on little Lizzie look a little washed out--although I still need to put on varnish or something, I think she looks better in person than these photos show.  I'm pretty pleased with how she turned out considering that she was completely scuplted by hand.  Next up, I need to design a cloth body and then some clothes.

It was fun making her (but I don't think it's going to replace my bear making).  Our youngest and I have joined Dixie Redmond's Izannah Walker Workshop for this fall.  I was rather surprised that she wanted to make another doll, but, hey, I'm game!

Heaps of Hugs,


  1. Hi Miss Cheryl,

    You are one talented family. It must be true "it's in the jeans", oh, grief - Mom said it should be genes. (o: Okay, it's all in the genes.

    We love the doll's head and can't wait to see her completed. You are going to share please?

    We hope your spirits are up & you are feeling better.

    Hugs & Smiles
    Prudence & Sissy
    (especially Mom)

  2. I think Lizzie looks really lovely and will watch out for latest developments on her :-)
    A x

  3. Looking forward to see how Lizzie progresses :o)

    Hope your hands are feeling better



  4. How cute, never heard of paper clay, will have to check it at out!!

    Hope your hands are feeling better.


  5. Ok, now we know where you get all your creative talent from. Can't wait to see Lizzie finished.
    Sandi x

  6. Lizzie is gorgeous Cheryl! You are so talented! Can't wait to see her finished. Hope your hands are much better now. Take care.
    Hugs Hillary x


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