Friday, August 20, 2010

Favorites on Fridays and Some Extra Thoughts

This past week I read "Gift from the Sea" by Anne Morrow Lindbergh again.  (If you click on the title it will take you to Amazon.)  It's been many years since the last time I read it, and I am again struck by its relevance and insight.  Each time I read it, I take away something new.  This time simplicity is tumbling about in my mind. 
Simplicity.  It's a rather small word, but it applies to so many aspects of life--our schedules, our homes, our surroundings, our life.  It's rather astonishing.  I know that the more simple I keep things in my life, the happier and more content I am.  I think this lesson has really hit home extra hard this past week as we watch yet another dump truck being loaded up with stuff from across the street.

A dear neighbor died this past January, and her house is now officially (as of this past weekend) owned by a roofer who will be cleaning it up and remodeling it in order sell it again.  I have been impressed that he has really tried to find new homes for as much stuff as possible. It's not been unusual this week to see an extra car, or two, or three parked on the street and being filled to the brim with baskets, chairs, and whatnot.

Since Tuesday, he and his team have already loaded two dump trucks full of stuff that have went off to the landfill.  Unfortunately, I expect there will be at least 2 to 3 more dump truck loads (if not considerably more) to be carried away before they are finished cleaning out the house.  I suppose that's not TOO bad considering that his team is ripping out old carpeting and stuff.  However, before the house was auctioned, the auctioneers loaded up TWO dumpsters to the brim, and my neighbor's family hauled out enough garbage and stuff to fill at least another one or two dumpsters.  AND, of course, there were ALL of the things that were sold in the auction itself.  Stuff.  Stuff and more stuff.  It has completely boggled my mind.

So, in the past month, I find myself looking around our house and re-evaluating our stuff.  I never want to leave my children with such a burden.  But, in addition to that, I don't want my family to LIVE with such a burden in their daily lives.  Such a heavy weight.  My neighbor's house had been completely filled from top to bottom with small paths that snaked through the rooms. 

Simplicity.  Such a seemingly small word with such big meanings in my mind and life at this moment.



  1. Dear Cheryl,

    You make an excellent point. It seems that our "stuff" becomes so important, sometimes we don't even know what has accumulated over the years, being packed away and not enjoyed. I was reminded of that on that tragic day, (9-11). But I still keep my good china safe in the china closet and I keep telling myself to enjoy my treasures, if something gets broken, that is okay, it was because I was using it an enjoying it.

    Thank you for the reminder. Will I get the good china out for dinner tonight? Nope.

    Heaps of Hugs,

    (Prudence & Sissy say they will remind me of your wise words. And "GET THE GOOD STUFF OUT, MOM". For bears who have fiberfill for brains they sure keep me on my toes.) )o:

  2. It's amazing how much 'stuff' we accumulate during a lifetime, but one man's junk is another man's treasure!

  3. Yes! That is a good reminder! I think it's important to use and enjoy the things we have. Thank you very much for the book recommendation.

  4. I had to simplify when I moved into the rented house that I am in now, just not the room, I have only a couple of things that I miss. It is very cleansing for the soul to declutter and pass things on. I imagine that they will go to those that need them the most, so helping us both. Thank you for sharing this with us.
    Hugs Sandi xx

  5. My Mom was like that...but, hers was even stacks of newspapers and plain old junk.... mostly because the poor woman just had no idea about house keeping.... couldn't seem to make herself do it. Must be why I aim for the sky when keeping our place clean... I doubt your house is anywhere near that situation Cheryl.

    I have stuff too...but figure, whey the heck.... whoever gets the house deserves to have to do a bit of work for it... no kids to worry about so..who knows what will become of it. I'm not going to worry about it. ANd... I am going to have all my little things til I croak.


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