Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fussy, Fussy, Fussy

Silly, silly me!  Or more precisely, FUSSY, FUSSY me!   I have THREE bears near completion, but can't seem to finish any of them!  It seems to be a "head" thing, although I'm not sure if it's THEIR heads or MY head that is the problem. 

Last month, I started a little clown bear.  He's all sewn up and even has his limbs jointed, but he has no head whatsoever.  But I really don't need him finished until January, SO ....

I got this great idea for a new arm and leg style and made a pretty little white bear instead.  Now he's completely finished except for sewing up his seams.  I think he'll be quite cute.   BUT ... his head just doesn't WORK for his body.  It's just TOO small!  Other people think it looks nice, but it's just too small for my "look."

So THEN I put him aside, because I got the bright idea to start a bigger bear (15-16") with a whole new look.  Now this bigger bear is all sewn up, too, and, BOY, I think he'll be gorgeous.   AND his head is certainly big enough for his body.  He's made of the most sumptuous brown Tissavel fur.  BUT...he really needs blue eyes to offset that fur.  How can I go halfway?!  He's going to be gorgeous, so he needs eyes that stand out and "pop," too.  I painted some eyes that turned out a wonderful blue, BUT they just don't seem big enough for his HEAD!  Unfortunately those are the biggest eyes I have that I can paint.  SO, now he'll have to wait too!  Fussy, fussy.

ACK!  Okay ... deep breath.  I guess it's time to be patient and take one step at a time.  I ordered the larger eyes this morning (plus a few other goodies too--I mean, hey, I was placing an order so I might as well order a wee bit of mohair too!).  Hopefully, I'll have the new eyes by next weekend and I can finish him then. 

In the meantime, I can joint and stuff his limbs, embroider his nose, and maybe do some trimming.  And if I still don't have the eyes when I finish those tasks, I can work on finishing the clown bear and making a new head for the white bear (I'll keep his old head because it turned out pretty cute and I can use it for a smaller bear).  Ah, the life of a bear-maker.

Take care!


  1. I can't wait to see them, bet I'll love them.

  2. im so glad its not just me cheryl,im trying a new design,and it took 4 heads before it looked in proportion,and now im not sure about the legs!
    if this bear ever gets finished it will be a miracle
    hugs sandra x

  3. I know for you everything will turn out!)))
    sorry to my English)))

  4. Cheryl, breathe...........take a deep breath. The outcome of all that ended up with more than 3 bears. Cheryl & The Three Bears. (o:

    Can't wait to see the new babies.


    P.S. Don't forget to BREATHE.

  5. Breath in, breath out, and relax with a pad and paper and get designing some more to take your mind of things :oD

    I'm off to finish my foutery wee Christmas swap bear o.O



  6. ROFL! Cheryl that was a great story...very typical of a bear artist, but great just the same!
    Warmest Hugs,
    Sandi @ Ess D'Ess Bears and Bearly Sane Studio

  7. LOL! Cheryl, I sympathize! I haven't been in quite the same predicament, but I'm sure we've all had our fussy moments. I've removed heads from bodies a few times, and I've stopped work on many a bear to follow a wild hare of an idea. :o) You'll get there on these guys, I'm sure. It'll be fun to see how they all turn out!

    Hugs to you!

  8. Cant wait to see them finished, they look fab!

  9. Cheryl maybe they dont want to be Bears? how about that head as a rabbit for instance?

  10. seems that I'm not the only bear-maker who finds herself in this predicament! I'm taking all of your advice and just BREATHING--and being patient enough to see what the critters want to become.

  11. Can't wait to see them Cheryl! They are bound to be fabulous as all your bears are.


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