Thursday, January 6, 2011

12 Random Things about Me

I’ve really enjoyed reading people’s lists on The Hive, so I thought I would share some tidbits about me with you here.

1. Matt, my husband, and I met in an advanced math class when we were 15 years old. We started dating then and we’ve been together ever since, excepting a six-month period during our senior year of high school when we separated (yes, we missed the prom).  He's my best friend.

2. Matt and I have been married for over 23 years and together for 30 years. Wow, I’m feeling old now.

3. I’m an introvert and a homebody. I’m fairly good in social situations, but, boy, it absolutely wipes me out. When I come home, I need some time alone in order to “recharge my batteries.”

4. I used to draw and make funny little characters out of clay, fabric, or wood when I was a girl. When we visited this last Christmas, my mom noticed the similarity of these past characters to my current bears with their large heads.

5. And now for the thing that I often try to keep secret--I’m a clinical psychologist. Yes, I really do have a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. It’s funny how people react to you once they know this—as if I’m analyzing their every word. No, I always figured that I just didn’t know when to stop getting degrees.

6. I got into graduate school based on my math scores, not my English ones. Quite the opposite for most psychologists. Needless to say, I was the person a lot of the graduate students went to for help with their statistics courses.

7. I was once told by a professor in graduate school that she was concerned that I couldn’t write at all! But for all FIVE of my defenses, I was told how REFRESHING it was to read such good writing. Every single time. How is that?

8. After all that training, I never worked as a psychologist after getting my degree because I had our first baby one month after finishing my internship (like a doctor’s residency).

9. I purposely tried to forget EVERYTHING l learned as a psychologist so that I could be authentic with our children. As a therapist, one can’t react to ANYTHING a client says. Even if you are hearing the most heart-wrenching of stories, you can’t cry or even get a bit teary-eyed. I wanted to unlearn that and to really BE with our kids. It took over 10 years for me to actually get teary-eyed when watching a movie!

10. I don’t expect that I’ll ever work as a psychologist again. Fibromyalgia and the stress of worrying about people’s safety (e.g., suicide potential) just doesn’t mix. And being an introvert also makes doing therapy very draining—which, of course, doesn’t help the fibromyalgia. Thank goodness, I’ve found my calling as a bear-maker!

11. I despaired for years of “finding my passion.” You know how so many tell you to “follow your passion” and to “do what you love.” Well, I couldn’t find it and I knew that I wouldn’t be working as a psychologist again. Then, after I had given up looking for “my passion” and resolved that I would be the type of person that just flitted from one art form to another, I accidently stumbled upon it just over two years ago. Bear-making.

12. There were times that I felt bad that I’d never work in the field of psychology again after all of those years of training, but my sweet Matt always says, “Education is NEVER wasted. It made you who you are today.”

Well, that's them!


  1. Hi Cheryl,

    Your hubby is 100% correct.

    If you want some stress in your life I will send Prudence over and you can "pick her brain", it's fiberfill but there is some pretty scary stuff in that head. (o:

    Heaps of Hugs,

  2. Thanks for sharing Cheryl. The nice thing about making bears is you can put a little bit of your heart before sending them off.

  3. Cheryl, thanks for sharing some things about yourself. Three cheers for Matt, he is so right!
    Hugs and keep creating your lovely bears.

  4. Oh yes, your hubby's definitely right, education is never wasted, even if you don't think you'll ever use your 'main subject' you learn so many other things along the way.

    So glad you found your passion, and hey, you can always 'shrink' the bears :oD Beware though, the Clan have rather scary deep dark recesses in their fluff...



  5. I feel very blessed to have Matt as my partner. Maybe there is something to this bears and psychology thing. Hmmm...and how does that make you feel?

  6. This is really interesting to read, it is nice to know you a little better.

    Thanks for sharing.


  7. What a 'switched on' hubby you have to say that!!
    I believe all that we learn and experience in our life impacts on who we are.
    x Sandi

  8. Cheryl what a wonderful read !!!! I so enjoyed learning about your background, and wow what a interesting one.


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