Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Lovely Day at an Art Fair

The girls and I have a weakness for art fairs--we just love them.  I have no idea how we missed going to the downtown summer art show near us.  We've lived in this area now for 4 years and this was the first time we went (!) and it certainly did not disappoint.

We started on one street that was filled with amazing art.

Then we came to the square and started down another street.

Back to the square,

And yet ANOTHER street just packed with more artists' tents.  This happened again and again!  We would think that we had seen it all and then we would find another long street just filled with lovely things to look at.  I honestly lost count of how many streets the fair filled.  Right now I can remember 5 full streets plus the square and a parking lot.

I was truly amazed by how big it was and the quality of the arts and crafts.  There were many local artists that we recognized and had to patronize--like our absolute favorite peanut brittle with a very appropriate name.  They have a website if you're interested in trying some--Better Brittle.

And then there were artists from all over the nation.

Here the girls are trying some rather interesting earrings on from Ear Divine and trying to decide which pair to buy.

And on top of the art fair, there was also a sidewalk painting festival going on side-by-side.  We even found one of the girls' friends working on a painting.

Catheryn had made some good progress when we arrived, but I know she still had a ways to go to finish it in the hot summer sun.

Here's one of our favorite finished sidewalk paintings in the fair.

We all had such a good time wandering the streets, buying a couple of treasures, and eating sno-cones, then smoothies and ice cream.  Like I said it was hot and we were rather interested in anything that kept us a bit cooler.  I must admit it's nice to be in our air-conditioned home now.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend, too.


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  1. Oh how fun! It looks a lot like markets are in France, street upon street of things to see and buy, so much fun to go round, but a little overwhelming sometimes!


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