Friday, November 18, 2011

Finally Some Bears to Show You!

Here are the two latest bears that I just sent to Teddies of Mt. Holly.  However, before I could show them to you, they were adopted!  So, alas, I still do not have any available bears to share with you.  I'm hoping that I'll be able to remedy that after the New Year.

Xavier 13 1/2"

Aurora 13 1/2"

I'm really pleased with how they turned out--especially their little paw pads!  Now I'm off to complete a big boy that's destined for Silly Bears.  He has his caramel-colored silk vest, but I really think he needs a silk cravat to complete his look.



  1. Wow what is the sweeter for a bear (Xavier), I love him. This upward glance, one can resist this look? No, certainly not a really great job. Next I am pleased
    every time I see over here. A great weekend and until the next visit. - Dirk -

  2. They are very nice! The toy's are very cute ) And I like Xavier more than Aurora - it is because I have a passion to dark bears )

  3. какие мишки славные-а пяточки и лапочки..так хороши,как настоящие

  4. Hi Cheryl,

    Lovely pieces as always! It's a busy time of year - just right for cookies and family and teddy bears. Someone is going to have a happy holiday with their new Bingle Bear!


  5. I love the black bear ! He's very sweet

  6. Your bears are beautiful. I'm sure some one, somewhere in the world will open their present of a beautiful bear of yours.

  7. Aurora is a little lady while Xavier still has to decide whether to be timid or play a trick on somebody.
    They are sooooo cute!

    All the best

  8. They're both amazing! I love them :)

  9. Gorgeous black bear paws sweet, cute little faces expression :)))

  10. Aww, I can see why they were snapped up so quickly, they're gorgeous!


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