Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Welcome Bunny Lu!

Well, I have a new addition to my home, but it's not a baby, it's a new little Singer Featherweight machine.  I'd like to introduce you to Bunny Lu (at least that's what I'm calling her right now--for absolutely unknown reasons!).
She's a sweet little machine that is in lovely shape and runs like a dream.  She also came with a myriad of attachments including three that I've been looking for for quite a while--a buttonholer, a zigzag attachment, and a walking foot.
I tried out the buttonholer over the weekend and was excitedly showing my family how wonderful it came out.  I was absolutely thrilled to pieces!  Although I think they might have thought that I fell off of my rocker a bit.  Now I don't have to go searching in the depths of our daughters' playroom closet looking for their sewing machine (a nice little portable Janome) and its buttonhole attachment.  I thought I was going to be driven to distraction last week trying to make a buttonhole and not being able to find the darned attachment!  Well now I won't have that problem ever again!

I have been hoping to find a sister for my dear little Annie Mae machine, because sometimes she gets a little tired and "hot under the collar" after I've been sewing for a long time.  I wanted to be able to give her a much deserved rest at these times, but I still wanted to be able to get some work done with another machine.
Well, last week one of my friends commented on Facebook about the above photo of me with sweet Annie Mae and put me in touch with her neighbor who was needing to sell a Featherweight.  And the rest, as they say, is history!  Dear Bunny Lu was welcomed into our home with open arms!
Thanks, Linda!!!
Heaps of Hugs,

Monday, September 24, 2012

My Award Arrived and Now It's Time to Vote!

And such a lovely award it is!
Thaddeus looks pretty pleased with it too, don't you think?!

I must admit that I have been really impressed with how the Excellence in Bear Artistry Awards have been run.  It has been a wonderful experience from start to finish!
So now it's YOUR turn!  You can vote for your favorite bears to help decide the People's Choice Award in this excellent competition.  Go to the link by clicking HERE and check out all of the amazing creations!
Take good care of yourself!