Monday, March 18, 2013

Feasting Mice!

What a surprise!!  Claire went to feed Bingley (our little dog), grabbed the food scoop from inside the the dog food bag, and jumped back with a little cry.  "There's a mouse in Bingley's food!  I don't know whether it's dead or not!"  As you can imagine, she was a bit creeped out--she was so startled that I don't think she cared to find out the mouse's living status, but just dropped the scoop right back in the bag.  It was clear that it was my job to take care of the issue!
I must admit that I was relieved to see the little guy moving around down there at the bottom of the bag.  I took out the scoop, trying very hard not to scare the little critter, but then I was the one to be surprised because there were TWO of them scurrying around in Bingley's bag of food!  I have to admit that they were awfully cute!  It must have been quite a feast for the two of them surrounded by all of that yummy dog food.  In the end, though, I think they were quite relieved to escape.  They both took off like a shot when I gently tipped the bag for them to get out in the fresh air OUTSIDE of our house.
Too bad they couldn't have devised a plan like these clever little mice of Beatrix Potter's!  I was rather endeared to those sweet little guys.  Perhaps it's time for me to think about making a little mohair mouse!

Heaps of Hugs,


  1. Oh dear, Poor wee mouse. At least they had company for each other in the bag. Yes I think there needs to be a mouse happening at your house.

  2. I'll never forget the family of field mice that moved in with my rabbit one winter, I don't think he entirely knew what to make of it!

  3. that happened to me when I was getting chicken feed for the hens....way back when about 58 years ago... but I flushed them down the toilet. Since we had a cesspool maybe they escaped!

  4. Well meeces are a bit like bears when there are things to investigate. Maybe it's just as well the dog didn't go looking in the food bag first.

  5. Do I see mice on the Bingle front?


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