Sunday, April 14, 2013

Time for Self-Care

"You can't pour water from an empty pitcher."
Now I can't tell you how many times I've said this to friends and acquaintances--women who are taking care of everyone and everything without a care for their own needs and well-being.   And I know it's very true.  No one can give and give and give to others without replenishing their own wellspring.  However, I seem to have forgotten to apply this saying to myself lately.   We, as women, have been well trained to be kind, caring, and loving.  And yet, I know that as well as I apply these traits to my interactions with others, I've been horribly neglectful in applying all of these lovely and loving traits to myself. 
It's been 6 weeks since I started another fibromyalgia flare-up and, of course, it was triggered because I "gave" too much of myself without paying attention to the signals my body was giving me to slow down and stop working.  I am doing better, but I'm in that awkward stage where I feel better enough to be out of bed and off the couch, but not well enough to get much of any "meaningful" work accomplished.  So deadlines are looming and I have SO many things to do.  However, instead of being compassionate to myself, that "inner critic" has been saying the most rude and nasty things to me--things I would never DREAM of saying or thinking about anybody else.  Perhaps this may sound familiar.
But I have a PLAN.  My plan is to start setting aside, maybe even scheduling it on my calendar, an hour a day for self-care during which I'll exercise (mostly tai chi), meditate and/or journal, and perhaps read.  Thinking about it, I should do it first thing after breakfast--otherwise  my self-care hour may fall through the cracks as always--the first victim of my habit of caring for others and putting their priorities ahead of me and my own priorities.

I'll keep you posted!
Heaps of Hugs,


  1. You darling lady.
    I loved this post so much. It is true we often don't allow our selves any time.
    I do hope you gradually get well again. Very soon.
    Don't push your self to deadlines too much. The world won't come to an end if you don't get a bear finished.
    Big Hugs

  2. How very very true, and how difficult to follow. Today after looking after my grandsons full time for almost 3 weeks I am going in to work for their parents to help them out because they have so many orders backing up! The fact that I have to do my work in the evenings and get no real me time somehow gets forgotten, not by them I hasten but by me. I am fortunate to be in the best of health though unlike you having to manage real concerns and health issues. So I wish you a speedy return to your normal activities and will try to heed your very sensible warning. All the best and big hugs.

  3. Good luck with it Cheryl! I know I need to take myself back to the gym, because my fitness is falling and my waistline expanding since I changed jobs, and my inner drill sergeant is getting really loud!

  4. Hello Cheryl..please be sure and take time for your self..your health comes FIRST.

    I do know how hard that is!!! We beat ourselves up so for taking any time to just relax... always feeling crazy is that!!! We should be taking more time for ourselves..not less..let's all try and do it!!

    hugs, D

    ps..can not wait to see you in July :)


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