Wednesday, July 10, 2013


As promised, I'm going to show you some of the photos that my husband, Matt, took of Winnie-the-Pooh and his friends while we were at the New York Public Library.
The original Edward Bear.  Isn't he just a sweetheart?!
And look at little Piglet!  What a surprise!  I never would have imagined that he looked like that!  Piglet was always one of my favorites in the books (if not THE favorite!) and now after seeing this funny little guy I know that I just LOVE little piglet.
And, last, but not least, Eeyore.
I think I actually squealed out loud when I saw that Eeyore's tail is REALLY held on with a nail!!  I made the photo bigger and put a red circle around it so hopefully you can see the teeny, tiny, little nail there.
Can't forget a sweet photo of A. A. Milne with his son, Christopher Robin Milne.
And, of course, a photo of me and our youngest daughter next to the stuffed lovelies!  Our PROOF that we were actually there!
Take good care of yourself!


  1. Oh I love these pictures. If I could have any bear, (any collection for that matter) in the world, this is what I would choose. Makes my heart melt.

  2. Oh, thank you so much for this sweet pictures! I like this little piglet!))

  3. You and your daughter are beautiful. What a treasure these are. I had no idea of the details such as the nail, piglet and the parrot on the brolly. How fun to actually see them in person. Summer Sunshine Smiles...

  4. Cherl I am squealing with delight to see this piece of history on my computer. They are all so special, and they tell the story's by just looking at them. Edward and Pigglet are my favorite's. Although I am whispering this because I don't want the others to hear what I said.
    I love the photo of you and your daughter with such treasures.
    Hugs Kay

  5. Thanks Cheryl for sharing the pictures which were so nice to see:o)) My favourite is poor old Pooh and Eeyore:o))
    Take care and have a good day.
    Hugs Lyn x

  6. Hi Cheryl,

    Great photos! Isn't it interesting that such famous British characters live in the NYC library?

    Fun! Fun! It's neat to see them in person.


  7. What a goose-bumps moment that must have been to see such well-loved characters in real life. They are well-loved too aren't they! and so like the original drawings - Kanga's smile and poor old Eeyore especially. They are priceless.
    What a great picture of you Cheryl with your daughter. You look like sisters! Thank you for sharing your visit.

  8. I'm SO glad that you all like the photos. It is pretty interesting that some of the most beloved British characters live in the US. And Lynda, you are too sweet!

    Heaps of Hugs,

  9. So sweet of you to share Cheryl. I lived in NYC for most of my life and did my research papers at the 42nd St library, but never even knew that Winnie the Pooh and his friends were there. It's such a beautiful piece of history, and you and your daughter look wonderful beside them!

  10. Oh my, what truly wonderful photos and memories, we are in awe. We're off to look round your website now :)

  11. Who knew Pooh and friends had emigrated lol Piglet is nothing like I expected, although the others aren't so surprising, how odd!

  12. Thank you for sharing this!!! I want to go and see them, too.


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