Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Another Vote! The Excellence in Bear Artistry Awards!

Holy Tamoly!!  I can't believe it's only about one week until voting closes at the Excellence in Bear Artistry Awards and I haven't even told you that one of my bears, Isadora, was short-listed!  Boy, have I been a neglectful blogger! 

Okay, so let me remedy that and tell you what's up.  Sweet Isadora was awarded a 2013 Judges Choice Award in the Excellence in Bear Artistry Awards (EBAA) in the 'Dressed Bears 10.5"-16" ' category.  I can't believe how fortunate I've been!  The judges this year (like last year!) are OUTSTANDING bear artists.  To have been chosen by them absolutely takes the cake! 

Okay, okay, let me get back to my point.  So now it's up to all of you to vote for your favorite bears!  The voting closes on October 31st (ooooooo....scary Halloween!) and the bears who get the most votes win the People's Choice Awards.  The way to do vote is to click HERE or to go to and click on the heading of "People's Choice Voting 2013."

Now, I'm not asking you to vote for Isadora--all I'm asking is that you get over there and vote for your favorite bears.  If Isadora is one of your favorites, well then, great!  And if Isadora is not one of your favorites and another bear catches your eye, well then, please, please, PLEASE vote for that bear!

Okay, now that I've said my bit, I had better head on over to do my own voting!  Yes!  I haven't even voted yet this year.  So that said, let's both zoom over to the EBAA and do some voting for some really cute bears by clicking HERE!

Take good care of yourself!
Heaps of Hugs,


  1. Hi Miss Cheryl,

    We voted for YOU! We are in the middle of packing to move to Western NC, so if we aren't around for a few weeks it's because we are signing up for a new Internet server.

    I'll be back.....

    Prudence ♥

  2. Hi Cheryl. Isadora is indeed a stunning little bear. I was runner up in the British Bear awards 1999 for my dressed bear. I broke my arm in three places and could no longer turn out my bears. I still have my website if you'd like to have a peek. It's Hope you do well in the Awards. Hugs Rita xxx

  3. what a lovely bear, i like it and his face is so wonderful

    hugs from sylvia


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