Saturday, November 2, 2013

"How is Ginger Brame Going to Make All Those Bears?"

"After seeing Sebastian in the movies, people are going to be clamoring to get their own 'Sebastians.'  The demand will be out of this world!  Hmmm . . . maybe she can find some way to manufacture them."

Yes!  Those were truly my first thoughts this morning.  It took a couple of minutes to finally clear my head and realize that I had only been dreaming--it was one of those dreams and sleeps that felt like I wasn't sleeping at all and that the whole thing was entirely real and believable.

I can't remember everything from it anymore; many of the details were erased as soon as I became conscious that it was all a dream.  However, I can still picture the "movie" of Ginger and Kelly Dean at the same long, dark workbench carefully creating their amazing bears to the amazement of a crowd of people.  Other people milled by them into the Victorian-era, fairyland shop, a la "The Paradise" show on PBS, to be dazzled by the gorgeous building filled with all things beautiful and sumptuous.  Of course, a display filled with mini Sebastians took center stage!  In the dream, I was quite "aware" that I was watching a fabulous movie.

Perhaps I've been too engrossed in the new Masterpiece Theater series . . . .  it's also clear that I adore Ginger Brame's and Kelly Dean's work!  Curious?  Click HERE to zoom to Ginger Brame's blog, Bearbits, and HERE to see Kelly Dean's work on Facebook.  And if you're a fan of period dramas don't forget to check out "The Paradise" on PBS.

Take good care of yourself!


  1. Hi Cheryl,

    Well - I've had some pretty strange dreams compared to this one. I like that in your dreams people were 'clamoring' to get my bears. How funny! Anywho, your dream is definitely something I wouldn't mind being in for real - especially in The Paradise. Yes, I have become engrossed too. What an interesting era. Oh and I am quite flattered that you mentioned my name in the same sentence with Kelly Dean - now I know you had to be dreaming!

    And if you return to that dream and see how that movie turns out, please take notes and pass them along. I could use some tips. :D

    all the best,


  2. cheryl, I can quite understand you dreaming of Kelly Dean's work, and I bet it was his work bench you pictured. Plus darling Ginger's wonderful diorama's. With Sebastian being the star. What a wonderful dream.

  3. OH..I and right with you..I am LOVING The's wonderful!


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