Monday, March 18, 2013

Feasting Mice!

What a surprise!!  Claire went to feed Bingley (our little dog), grabbed the food scoop from inside the the dog food bag, and jumped back with a little cry.  "There's a mouse in Bingley's food!  I don't know whether it's dead or not!"  As you can imagine, she was a bit creeped out--she was so startled that I don't think she cared to find out the mouse's living status, but just dropped the scoop right back in the bag.  It was clear that it was my job to take care of the issue!
I must admit that I was relieved to see the little guy moving around down there at the bottom of the bag.  I took out the scoop, trying very hard not to scare the little critter, but then I was the one to be surprised because there were TWO of them scurrying around in Bingley's bag of food!  I have to admit that they were awfully cute!  It must have been quite a feast for the two of them surrounded by all of that yummy dog food.  In the end, though, I think they were quite relieved to escape.  They both took off like a shot when I gently tipped the bag for them to get out in the fresh air OUTSIDE of our house.
Too bad they couldn't have devised a plan like these clever little mice of Beatrix Potter's!  I was rather endeared to those sweet little guys.  Perhaps it's time for me to think about making a little mohair mouse!

Heaps of Hugs,

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Patterns AND a Giveaway...Finally!

I'm SOOOO excited!!  I've made my sweet felt dolls into patterns (they're available on Etsy now!) and I'm giving away one of the dolls to CELEBRATE.  New Patterns!  Spring!  Easter!  Wonderful!

If you follow my blog you may remember Betsy and Maisie, but now that they have "proper" photos I'll refresh your memory and show them to you again.


But Sadie is the newest 10" felt doll and she's looking forward to going to a new home!  Here's a few photos so that you can get to know her.

Sadie is a 10-inch doll made from 100% wool felt and has a sweet embroidered face and embroidered accents in her hair.  Her eyebrows and nose don't show up very well on the computer because of her light hair, but, honest, they are there and look adorable!  Don't forget about those rosy cheeks, too!
She wears a smashing 100% wool felt dress with embroidered accents, panties, and matching shoes.
She sits up well (although she's a pretty spunky girl and may need to do a yoga stretch or two before she decides to settle down and do so!) and has thread-jointed arms so that she can wave "hi!"  I know I'm a bit biased, but I think she's pretty cute!  I hope you like her, too!
I suppose since you've now seen Sadie, you might like to know a bit about the easy patterns I've made. In addition to the pattern pieces themselves, there are 7 full pages of detailed directions and pictures to help you along the way. Also, in case you need to know how to make one of the many stitches I used to make the dolls (or if you just want a refresher), I've included directions about those, too.  If you're interested in seeing them check out my Etsy shop by clicking HERE.
So here's the gist, on April 1st (no, this is not an April Fool's joke!) I'm going to draw 3 names.  The first name will get Sadie and the other two names will get a free felt doll pattern of their choice. 
Here's how to enter:
---  You will be entered into my "Sweet Sadie Spring Giveaway" if you comment on this post and leave your name and your email address.  This is very important--I have to know how to contact you if you win.  Poor little Sadie will be very upset otherwise and we have to keep the dolls happy.  In other words, if I don't have your email address, you won't be entered in the drawing. 
--  All of your information will be private and will not be published or given away to any list or person.  In other words, I will not be publishing any of the comments received for this giveaway so that your information stays private.  Nor will you be added to my mailing list.

--  If you have a blog and post about my giveaway with a link to my blog, you will receive 5 extra entries.  Just be sure to let me know once you have posted it.  Feel free to use my "Sweet Sadie Giveaway" button.

--  If you are a follower of this blog (or become one), you will also receive 5 extra entres.  Again, let me know!

--  I will accept comments until 8 pm Eastern Daylight Time (New York time), March 31st (Easter!!) and will conduct the drawing on Monday, April 1st.  Every person will be assigned a number (or set of numbers as the case may be!) based on the order which I received their comment.  Then I will use a random number generator to pick the three winners.  I'll post the winners' first names on April 1st.

Good luck to all of you!!

Heaps of Hugs,

Sunday, March 3, 2013

We're Off to See the Wizard...

The "Wizard of Oz" ballet went beautifully yesterday!  All of the dancers did a WONDERFUL job.  And as icing on the cake, Matt got a great photo of Claire (as Glinda the Good Witch on the right) and her sweet friend, Brookie (as Dorothy on the left).  I made the photo extra big so you could see their lovely expressions.

Now I think everyone involved will be resting and recuperating today.

I hope all of you have a restful day today, too!!
Heaps of Hugs,