Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Confession Time! I'm a Growth Junkie!

Have I ever told you that I'm a growth junkie?  There you go--I've admitted it.  I love to change and to grow and to learn.  My Dear One has resigned that there is always something new that I'll do, bring up, or even push him into.  He loves me, so he accepts it.  He doesn't like change.  But, for that matter, I don't like change either.  Strange isn't it?  I don't like change, but it's something I am always doing and striving through.  My mantra is, "The only constant in life is change."  Perhaps it's exactly WHY I don't like change, that I push myself to LEARN to change.

I've been so silent on this blog this past year.  Am I still making bears?  Yes.  Am I still learning other arts?  Yes.  Do I still plan on releasing new patterns?  Writing tutorials?  Telling you all the secrets I've learned about bear-making so that you don't even have to buy one of my patterns?  Yes.  Yes.  And, Yes!  But I think I also need to write.

I've learned SOOOOO much this past year and I've gotten so much healthier and stronger.  Growing is who I am.  It's at my core and I'm tired of trying to make this blog "fit" into some definition of a "craft blog" or an "artist blog."  I just can't come up with pithy things to say or nifty-difty photos about crafts, bears, or art.  BUT . . . I can always come up with what I'm learning and how to grow and how to become more like yourself and fabulous quotes.  It's what I do.  I'm the family Go-To-Girl for advice, recommendations, learning, and balance.  So I think it's time to make this a "ME" blog and time to stop trying to make my square peg fit into a round hole.  Heck, now you can get to know me in all my square-ness.  I've never followed the crowd, so I guess I shouldn't start now.  (grin)

So how about you?  Are you a Growth Junkie?  What do you like to change up and learn?  Any advice for the rest of us poor folk stumbling along this path?  We'd all love to hear what you have to say below!
Welcome to my world!
Love and Hugs,


  1. Cheryl I can really understand this. I feel the same way. I hate standing still. I am always thinking what the next challenge? I am really looking forward to what you share this year with us all!
    Hugs Helen

    1. Thanks, Helen! I'm excited about what this new year will bring, too!!
      Love and Hugs,


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