Thursday, February 12, 2015

What's YOUR Question?

Have you ever noticed how many questions you are constantly asking yourself during the course of a day?  Take a moment.  Any questions quietly floating away as you look inside? 

Words completely shape and guide our lives.

We have to be very, VERY careful with the words we use.  The words we use to describe our lives.  To describe how we are feeling.  To describe how our day is going. 

And questions have the power to change our trajectory at the very moment we utter them.  We can be deep in sadness, asking "Why me?," and that can completely change by asking DIFFERENT questions.  "What is going well in my life?  What am I grateful for?"  Suddenly, light enters into our life -- we stand differently, a smile may cross our face, and we've started a different journey.

All day long, we are asking question after question.  But generally there is ONE question, one OVERARCHING question that governs our lives. 

One question that is core to our being. 

This is the question that feels like we will die if we can't answer it.  That's it--your overarching question that guides you in everything that you do and feel.  Mine used to be, "How can I help?" 

It worked for a long time, but, like every question, there is a darker side of it too--and I paid the price.  Let's think about it.  There are SOOOO many ways that people need help.  It's rather overwhelming when you think about it.  Food.  Shelter.  Feelings.  Safety.  People.  Animals.  Environment.  (The list goes on and on!  For the sake of our sanity, let's stop the list there.)

I think "my question" made me feel kind of crazy.  If I could help in one area of a person's life, there were still at least six other areas in their life that still needed help.  And that was just ONE person!  How was I supposed to COMPLETELY help.  And by focusing on helping others, I certainly wasn't focused on helping myself and taking care of my health.  I focused SO much on helping others, that I wore myself into the ground. 

Well, I'm slowly coming back.  I'm gaining health and wellness.  So what next? 


Awareness is amazing.  When we are AWARE, that means we have power.  But if we continue down the same path without any awareness, without thinking, we are doomed to keep walking that path.

Awareness brings the power to change things. 

So I'm changing my question!  My new question is, "How can I spread JOY?!"  I can't spread joy, if I don't FEEL joy.  And I can't feel joy, if I don't have some measure of health and well-being.  So far, so good.  Like everything in life, it's an experiment.  I'm sure there will be a dark side.  But, for the time being, it feels like a very, very good question to guide my life.  I feel it deep in my bones.  (grin)

What's YOUR question?

I'd love to hear about it!  Make a comment below and let's talk about it and help each other on this path.

Love and Hugs,

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