Friday, December 2, 2016

HELP! The New Bingle Bear Needs a Name!

Recently, I sent out an email to my amazing Bingle Bear Mailing List asking for names for this new 16 1/2" beauty and, WOW, did they ever RESPOND!!! I now have an unbelievably amazing list of names to choose from.

The problem?

I have SOOOOO many amazing names to choose from that I didn't know what to do.

I put my little thinking cap on and did the only thing I could think of--
I used a random number generator to choose 4 names and I'm letting all of you help me choose the final name. Look to your right and the survey is on top of the right side bar!

This survey will only be up for the next few days.
Then I will take it down because this big boy keeps telling me that all he wants for Christmas is to be in his new home. So we have to HUSSLE! (He also wants a gray silk cap, but I'll be taking care of that this weekend.)

He will be available for adoption soon!
I expect that he will be on eBay beginning on either Monday, December 5th or Tuesday, December 6th. So keep a look out for information on this blog.

Thanks for your help!

Take good care of yourself!
Love and Hugs,

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